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Sun, Mar 6, 2016 5:00 AM


Hi Starhub, 

Myself along with many other StarHub fibre users have recently encountered an abnmormally high latency when connecting to overseas servers, this latency is constant and not a spike. 

I'm on a wired connection

For example, in Battlefield 4, we'd get on average 30ms to 90ms of latency when connecting to servers in Asia (HK/CN/JP/KR) but for the past week, I've been consistently seeing latency of more than 400ms. I'm also encountering the same high latency in Final fantasy XIV,

I've conducted a Speedtest using Ookla's Speedtest, connecting to a server in Tokyo and I got a ping of more than 500ms. 

All the above factors points towards the high latency being connection related and not program/software related, the issues faced has been crrobrorated with other StarHub users in Final Fantasy XIV who also observed a sudden increase in latency.

Kindly acknowledge this issue and inform your users on how StarHub is planning to resolve this issue, its been long enough and we demand answers.   



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5 y ago

Hi  @ReiszRie


Suggest you to provide nec tests result of the problem to;

Do send your subscriber details via by including your StarHub Community user name, so that the customer support can check on this accordingly.


If possible, get as many of your games buddy to submit their tests, so that Starhub would look into this problems.


Technicial issue for one specific case is submitted by many, the Technical dept would then work on it.

If Starhub do required for more test info, pls do submit it as request.

If they required more tests, pls do provide as it mean they are still resolving the issue.

By not submitting any further tests, the technical dept will consider this as done.




My previous job was in technical dept, and sometime the Technical dept unable to resolve completely if request for more info is not provided.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.



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5 y ago

Santosh Rai

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5 y ago

Hi @ReiszRie



I understand your email escalation to our customer support team has been attended.

Customer service team will follow up with you on this matter directly.

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