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Sun, Jan 26, 2014 9:00 AM

Slow connection - no connection

Beginning of 2014 I do not have any internet access at all. It wasn't fix until mid jan 2014. After having the internet back, the speed was slower than before. I have to refresh a page a few times before I could stream a video or to load a particular page.
However end of 2014 (27/1/2014) i do not have any internet connection once again. It kept going off and on with snail like speed.

I am currently very disappointed with starhub services right now. Therefore I would like to know the reason of slow internet connection and the reason where I do not have any internet access at all when I am paying the full amount and I am not being able to fully use it.


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8 y ago

I've experienced about the same issue way back since last year. It is getting worse.


The maxonline connection goes off and on so frequently so you can imagine it's very irritating for a frequent user. Have also re-set the router but the connection remain as before.


Please let us know the reason for such bad connection, isit due to maintainence?  Am staying in the west. 



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