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Fri, May 24, 2013 4:00 AM

Recent Disconnects/Restarts on Cisco DPC3925

Specs: Cisco DPC3925 - 5 months old, always online 24/7 since day 1


For the past 1 month or so, I have experienced very temporary loss of connectivity at random timings, usually at night, on different days. The wifi symbol on my taskbar would have an exclamation mark over it for around 5-10 seconds, and then disappears and connectivity is back to normal.


But in the last few days, I noticed the problem got worst. Just 2 nights ago, the wifi symbol on my taskbar would have an exclamation mark over it for quite a long time, and i had to diagnose the connection using windows network  troubleshooter to solve the problem. The error message given by the troubleshooter was that my laptop was not given a valid IP address. The next time the problem occured, I checked the status details and noticed that under the IPv4 Address property, it stated instead of the usual 192.168.0.x. I then ran the troubleshooter again to solve the problem.


And just this morning, I noticed that the DS LED shows up as solid orange. It will sometimes turn solid green and then back to orange randomly and sometimes back to green again. I have tried restarting/switching off and on the device but to no avail as of yet. All the other LEDs are as per normal, solid green. And when its orange, I mostly have internet connectivity but sometimes the exclamation thing happens again.


I wonder if its StarHub doing some maintenance or is my device getting faulty? Prior to this problem, I did not modify any of the device setup settings.


What I have tried:

-Restart/off-on modem

-reseat power and coaxial cables

-adjusting the modem to stand vertically

-configure my laptop to forget and redetect the network


Appreciate if any advice could be given on how to solve this problem as it is getting irritating when playing games and disconnecting during them lol.



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7 years ago

DS led orange means you are having connectivity problem with your cable(DS green indicates your downstream channel is OK). Either your device is dying or StarHub cable having problem. Since your device still under warranty why not try to exchange first?

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