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Fri, Sep 25, 2020 3:08 PM

Packet Loss, Here We Go Again

If you are reading this you may have been amongst the hundreds of people who experienced the massive packet loss phase of StarHub during the start of this month, from around March to May. During this time Starhub did absolutely nothing to solve the issue and even suggested it wasn't their problem. Somehow it got resolved in late May but seems to have risen again ever since the start of this week. Starhub, please for the love of God don't take 3 months to realize the packet loss issue like last time. The issue is very simple, the traceroute from StarHub to US servers is horrible or damaged, the solution is too simply change the traceroute to one which is less congested and has less traffic. It's as simple as that, please don't take 3 months to solve this like last time. 



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25 days ago

Hi @Arjun920 , sorry to hear that you've encountered this again. Indeed, we have multiple internet routes between StarHub and US servers. For us to investigate further, could you provide us with a screenshot of your traceroute please? 



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