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Fri, Aug 15, 2014 4:00 AM

Not able to set Safesurf settings

Somedays back I had applied for the SafeSurf service through Starhub's Online Account Manager.  Now when I check in Account manager, it shows that Safesurf has been enabled for my fiber boadband. It's also giving me an hyperlink for managing my Safesurf settings.


However, after I click this hyperlink (the one for managing the Safesurf settings), the page which loads tells me that my "Maxinfinity plan is not protected by Safesurf".  Further, when I try to click any of the options on the page (like Service Summary, Service Settings, etc) it keeps on giving me the  message "There is no active device"


Request help in fixing this issue



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7 y ago

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Please drop us your details via http://bit.ly/StarHubQuery


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