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Fri, Jun 29, 2018 9:00 AM

New 1 Gbps Fibre Connection. Extremely Slow, unstable connection and keeps dropping

Hello, I got a new 1 Gbps fibre connection 10 days back (got installation done on 19 June). At the time of installation, I told the engineer that the connection is very slow and he responded that they will do some changes in backend and it will become stable andspeed will increase in couple of hours.

But I am still waiting to get a stable connection. It is soo bad that I am not even able to do a video or even audio call on WhatsApp or Facebook or Facetime. When I do a speed test, the speed shown in not bad but because of connection drop, I have serious challenges with video/audio calling. Also the surfing speed is very bad.


Need urgent resolution.


Josephine C



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2 years ago



Please send me a private message here with your name, NRIC/FIN, contact number and email address so that I can get in touch and assist you further. Thank you - Josephine


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