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Thu, Sep 11, 2014 6:00 AM

MaxInfinity >> Home networking questions

Hey guys, I'd like to connect a 4-bay HDD enclosure via USB to a router situated in the living room to be used as a NAS but my ONT and Home Gateway is situated in one of the rooms

Current connection: ONT>Home Gateway (Old Dlink)>DIR 868 (situated in living room and connected via LAN) 

the issue is that the DIR-868 when connected to the Home Gateway makes it unable to be set-up as a router, instead requiring it to be set-up as a Wireless AP which disables pretty much every feature of the router, including the ability to connect a HDD to the router for it to be used as a NAS

one easy solution is of course to enable Direct ONT but does enabling Direct ONT enables the use of all of the ONT's ports? reason i'm asking is because my main computer system is connected via LAN to the Home Gateway, so if Direct ONT only enables 1 port, it'll still be no good as now, the router will be in the living room.


Is there any way to setup the DIR-868 as a router instead of an AP when connected to the Home Gateway? and does Direct ONT enable all the ports on the ONT or does it only enable just 1?

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6 years ago

Direct ONT do not change anything on the ONT, you can still only use port 1 to connect to the router. The only diff is instead of using the old DLINK, you can pretty much use any other router (including 868) as the primary router.

Once you requested for Direct ONT, the old gateway is pretty much dead, although there were 'rumours' that Starhub will consider flashing the firmware to turn it back into an ordinary router - but it never came Smiley Sad

Can you use DIR 868 as a 'second' router by connecting to the existing Home Gateway > I believe this is possible, though i don't exactly know how, need other expert to chip in. But I believe you will need to play with some other routing settings by setting up the routing rule - it should be possible - I'm just too lazy to read up Smiley Tongue

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