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Sat, Nov 9, 2019 12:00 PM

Loss of Internet Connection (immediately when receiving incoming calls via Digital Voice)



I am using the Linksys EA7500 router. Recently we discovered, when incoming calls are received, the moment the handset is pick up, the digital voice & internet connection gets cut off and we have to manually reset the ONT & Router. 


We have tried to 1) Get a new home phone ; 2) Changed to a different router, but problem still exist. The dropping of Digital Voice & Internet connection is totally random (>50% of the incoming calls faces this problem).


Please advise, what could be the problem? Could the ONT be faulty? 

Thank you.



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a year ago

Hi jhxxxx, thanks for contacting us. Do try to restart the device. If issue persist, please provide your registered name, registered mobile number and Hub ID/email address for me to further check. As this requires us to refer to your account details, we are unable to assist you here on StarHub Community. Please direct your query over to ( noopener noreferrer"> or Twitter Direct Message ( so that we can log a case for you and respond to you there. Thank you!

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