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Wed, Apr 4, 2018 7:00 AM

Linksys EA7500 drop in ping

Hi, recently switched to the Linksys EA7500 and have noticed a significant drop in ping.

Compared to my old router (dlink DIR-868L) which used to have a stable ping of ~6-10ms when playing games, i am now having >25ms easily. Furthermore, ping also fluctuates frequently.

I can definitely notice the difference when playing games.

I've tried the different settings for the wifi (channel width, WMM, channels etc.)I also updated the firmware, did a factory reset on router

Btw, is it normal to have ~40mbps max download speed even though i have the 1gbps plan?

The router is quite far from my room but i've never exceeded 50mbps before. (2.4ghz)

Any solutions as to why i have lousier ping as compared to before (in the past i only had 500mbps, after upgrading to 1gbps ping is worse)


**I also tested the network latency on games which resulted in about ~27ms ping or more. though results are not reflected in speedtest

This are some of the results taken from my room Speed results from roomSpeed results from roomSpeedtest from living room (2.4ghz)Speedtest from living room (2.4ghz)


Josephine C



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2 years ago

Hi right,


please send me a private message with your name, NRIC/FIN, contact number and email address so that I can get the tech team to assist you further. Thank you

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