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Sat, Sep 12, 2020 7:51 AM

Internet Intermittent drop....

I am trying to solve a intermittent drop issue. I have change a few routers and still face the same issue. 

Is there anyway to trace the fault ? 


please advice. 



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a month ago

If it is WiFi, these are some possible reasons from experience:

  1. Coverage - If this is an issue, consider a mesh router like Google Nest WiFi, Nokia Beacon, ASUS, Linksys Velop, DLink to name a few. Friends who use Google Nest WiFi have good things to say and the app is very intuitive. Have used Nokia Beacons and it is one of the fastest and easiest to setup.
  2. Interference - Here are a few reasons.
  3. DECT Phones - Some use the same radio frequency and can and will interfere with WiFi. Consider getting models that use difference frequency.
  4. Crowded neighbourhood - This is inevitable in Singapore. The only way is to try switching channels. Download and use a WiFi scanner to see which band is less crowded and then switch.
  5. Microwave - These can interfere with WiFi.

As the "live in" tech support at home, each time WiFi goes down, there is a family conference. Even our helper gets involved :-). Personally use Linksys Velop. When it works, it is great. Multiple devices streaming videos/ video conferences at the same time. However, setup can be fiddly and it took a few tries to position the nodes. In general, position the nodes within line of sight and place them in elevated position. It is also best practice to do a monthly reset.

  1. Power down the modem
  2. Power down all the nodes
  3. Wait two minutes
  4. Power up the modem and wait for it to fully start up i.e. all the lights come on
  5. Power up the node connected to the modem and allow it connect and stabilize
  6. Power up the secondary node and allow it connect and stabilize
  7. Follow step 6 for the other nodes if applicable
  8. Generally, check on the node connections periodically, otherwise ... there will be a "family conference" :-)

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a month ago

i prefer wired connection via use of AP. but the problem now i have is , the internet from main router intermittent drop, even after i off all AP and test directly from modem 




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a month ago

Hi @bt87778000, sorry to hear about the intermittent internet connection you've been experiencing. Have you tried to reboot both your ONT and router to see if the issue persists?


~ Carla



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