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Tue, Feb 7, 2017 10:00 PM

Intermittent Connection

My 1000mbps fiber keep having intermittent connection. 


Direct laptop to ONT can work. Connect through wireless cannot work. 


Check the IP address for direct connection to ONT is different from the wireless router WAN IP. 


Have to set static IP for wireless router WAN then can connect. Not sure is ONT problem or router problem. Have tired 3 different wireless router and all 3 showed different WAN IP address. 


Have been doing the same process for the past few weeks. Very irritated. 


Going to terminate and switch provider soon. 



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5 y ago

Hi @JYeo, do allow us to assist you. Please drop me a PM along with the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN, email address and contact number. We'll be in touch. - Sofia

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