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Thu, Feb 2, 2017 2:00 PM

HELP. Ending Contract Overseas.

Hi everyone,


In need of assistance as I can't find the answers anywhere!

Long story short, I was in singapore for a year duration and had to leave country after finishing my studies. The apartment I was in had the internet installed and on a 2 year contract. We were there for 1 year.  I'm now back in England and I need to end my contract. I know the depost will be taken away for an early termination but that's fine.

I just need to know how I can go about ending the contract before the next payment is due. Is the only option to call (very costly!) or can I actually email someone at starhub and get them to close the account?

Many thanks



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4 y ago

Hi @Glen124


Sorry to see you go. Let us know your account details, contact number and e-mail via PM and we will be in touch.


- Amy

- Amy

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