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Wed, Jan 16, 2019 6:00 PM

fiber switch after many years

I am diehard cable user for many years... broadband tv mobilex3.

Finally cable axed by SH.

I have no choice but to switch fiber.

My wife watches korean tv drama so no choice.

My hesitation had been broadband reception fr fiber and messy trunking in house.


Finally SH offers me fiber package and i had to take 2yr contract.


Below my experience so far.


Trunking.  Finally fiber wire done on 15jan19.  One drilling hole into house and 6m trunking snake into main living room.  Technician is attentive and help patch chipped concrete thereafter.  90min work, we took 3 hrs to clean mop dirt.  Total 5 time invested.


Note we did not extend trunking to rooms.  Only one terminal point in living room.


Upcoming stallation same week.  Activation is 18jan19 ie coming friday.  I will post update on how it goes on the SWITCH over.


Will post update v soon...

Will tv latency improves and motion slur on live sports?

Will the rooms be able to access wifi evenly at advertised speed?

Is fiber really superior to cable?


Nb what happens to old copper cable in future when all switch to fiber?


Fr hood

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2 y ago

Continued… success… able to re-configure router into wireless repeater…


I manage to reconfigure my new AC2600 router and have it set up in master bedroom.  It can really boosts wifi signal in the 2 adjacent bedrooms. The 2 bedrooms can now receive 150Mbps from repeater.  This is vast improvement. And save me much headache and cost saving.


I summarise the setups and wifi strength of each.


Previous cable setup

Main router AC1900 in master bedroom >> wireless >> 2 bedrooms.  Wifi 60Mbps.


Fiber initial setup

Main router AC1900 in living room >> wireless >> 2 bedrooms.  Wifi 30Mbps.


Fiber setup now with repeater

Main router AC1900 in living room >> wireless >> repeater AC2600 in master bedroom >> wifi 5Ghz >> 2 bedrooms.  Result the 2 bedrooms are getting signal of 150Mbps now.


My house (1400 sqf size) is now sufficiently cover with reasonably good wifi signal.

Living room (wifi from main router).  Speed 300-500Mbps.

Kitchen room (wifi from main router).  Speed 150Mbps.

Master bedroom (LAN to repeater).  Speed 300Mbps.

Other bedrooms (wifi from repeater).  Speed 150Mbps.


In summary, I now enjoy almost 3x improvement in wifi signal strength in house vs previous cable setup.  The solution is the reconfigured repeater which is the booster.  The repeater is zero cost to me as it is the new router AC2600 given by SH (bundle deal).


Note: my main router is the AC1900 router inherited from my cable contract.


The newer router AC2600 is re-configured as the repeater.  Both repeater and main router are AC gigabit devices so it works well in unison.


Note.  1Gbps (ideal speed) can only be achieved if i plugged LAN cable to the main router.  This max speed is not option for me. So I am happy with repeater solution.


Thanks for following my posts thus far on my experience in fiber broadband, the problems of wifi in bedrooms, and final solution which is reasonably good outcome.




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2 y ago

Hi Hood, thank you for posting updates here. If you require further assistance, do PM us https://bit.ly/2S5w5qq   

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2 y ago



Today (18Jan19) the SH technician came to install fiber boxes for both TV and broadband.

Note I am fan of cable broadband for many years and have refused to switch fiber because i fear internet reception and the messy trunking/wirings in house.

My old cable setup was perfect for me.  Internet router in the bedroom. TV box in living room.  The router wifi serves three bedrooms situated close together.


New fiber set-up

Now fiber will consolidate both TV box and internet router in living room.


Below is my quick assessments of new fiber set-up (took 30 mins).



A lot more messy at the TV console now, with different wirings for fiber box, TV box and router.  Altogether, I have 5 devices (beside my TV and soundbar), and all requires individual powers and connections to each other.  Be prepared for my wife’s reaction.


TV signal not superior to cable.  I note the resolution setting is only 1080i and not 1080p.  This is similar to cable box, so i see no difference in quality or improvement in motion slur.  I test viewing sport channels like AusOpen2019.


Broadband.  This is a big let down.

The wifi signal has serious limitation to reach the bedrooms.

It achieves only 30Mbps in the bedrooms and unstable speeds.

Between 5GHz and 2.4GHz spectrum, it makes no difference.


When i was on old cable broadband, i can get wifi speed of 60Mbps in bedrooms.  With ethernet I actually reached max speed 200Mbps in my room.


As I write this post, I am already experiencing internet lags.

I shall monitor the fiber speed again to ensure it is stable.


Based on today’s impression, fiber does not improve services that you are already receiving from cable TV or broadband.

Fiber costs SGD40/month for 1Gbps (online as advertised).

For my old cable broadband, I paid SGD28/month for 200Mbps.

Fiber seems cheaper per bps basis, but you can’t possibly achieve 1Gbps in the bedrooms.


With fiber switch, I am paying more for less.

Unless you invest in booster or powerline (extra costs and devices to learn), you cannot possibly get max value from fiber.


The old copper cable wire in the wall still has value.  Copper is wall is wasted when everyone is forced to switch fiber.


I am not sure what to do next to improve wifi reception in bedrooms.

I had already switched to fiber and signed 2yrs with SH.


fr hood

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2 y ago

continued… my fiber journey and self help tips to share...


As you know i recently convert from cable to fiber (yes finally).

I post my personal experience thus far on fiber transition and what you can expect from fiber broadband.

After fiber switch, my bedrooms have low wifi signal.  My house size is 1350 sq ft. Fiber ONT / modem router is installed in living room, while the bedrooms are 12 meters away.


I am getting wifi speed of only 30Mbps in bedrooms (vs 60Mbps before when on cable).

The signal strength did not improve much after observing in few days.


Fiber facts.

1Gbps is the official max speed achievable only on LAN cable.  If connected via wifi, you can expect strength to drop by half, and decrease more over distance and /or obstacles.

In my living room, wifi strength reaches 600Mbps (within reasonable norm).  I can’t complain.

My family members access internet from computers in the bedrooms.  The PC stations are fixed in the bedrooms, so wifi reception in bedrooms is especially important to me.  Note i can’t move PCs to living rooms, or move furniture around. So my option is limited.


My advice.  For people who are new to fiber, I recommend to opt for MESH router.  I will save your much headache. You shift the satellite units around house easily, and can add units later.  The mesh router does come with additional cost sgd360 in bundle deal.


In my case, i did not opt for mesh router, as i do not know what to expect with new technology.  Instead I was given a new linksys AC2600 router as sweetener. I already had an earlier linksys router AC1900 from cable.  So new router is spare.


I discover recently I can convert this new spare router into a wireless repeater.  This should boost wifi signal in the house.


The conversion does require technical knowledge and experimentation.  The new linksys is high-end AC equipment, so it should make a powerful booster.


I shall post result of the signal booster…


Fr hood

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