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Sat, Apr 18, 2020 3:00 AM

fiber experience how to improve wifi

I share my experience on fiber and home wifi strength.


Home fiber broadband is great.  Most of the households who installed fiber are most likely to have their access point (called ONT box) installed near their TV console.  This is where the problem starts. The wifi signal is now broadcasted from the router located at the TV console. The areas farthest away from router location (like the bedrooms) will have serious problems to receive good internet connection.



3 ways to overcome weak wifi signals in the average household.


1.install additional fiber access points into the household and rooms.  This way you enjoy connection via ethernet which is very strong and stable.  You are theoretically able to achieve max speed of 1Gbps via ethernet LAN connection.  Naturally, it involves more wire trunking and additional installation cost. I personally think wire trunking is messy and eye sore.  If you are planning to renovate your home, you may want to consider this option then.


2.use mesh technology.  I recommend the MESH router.  I will save you much headache.  You can shift the satellite unit around the house, and can add more units later.  The mesh router does come with additional cost - few hundreds dollars more.


3.improvise your own repeater to strengthen wifi signal.  Your service provider will provide you with a free router.  This device is free of charge. You can convert this router into a repeater.  I did a bit of experimentation (yes DIY), and it works. It is not complicated. Router can be reconfigured into a repeater.  Remember to reconfigure manually.


This simple solution saves me much headache and cost savings.


I summarise the setups and wifi strength before and after repeater.


Fiber initial setup (before)

Main router AC1900 located in TV console >> wireless >> 2 bedrooms.  Wifi 30Mbps.


Fiber augmented with new repeater (after)

Main router AC1900 located in TV console >> wireless >> repeater AC2600 located in master bedroom >> wifi 5Ghz >> 2 adjoining bedrooms.  Now the 2 adjoining bedrooms are able to receive signals of 150Mbps from the repeater.


My house (mid size) is now sufficiently covered with reasonably good wifi signal.

Living room (wifi from main router).  Speed 300-500Mbps.

Kitchen room (wifi from main router).  Speed 150Mbps.

Master bedroom (via LAN from repeater).  Speed 300Mbps.

Adjoining bedrooms (wifi from repeater).  Speed 150Mbps.


In summary, I now enjoy 3-5x improvement in wifi signal strength.  The repeater is zero cost to me as it is the router AC2600 given by SH.


Both repeater and main router are AC gigabit devices so it works well in unison.


Note.  1Gbps (ideal speed) can only be achieved if i plugged the ethernet LAN cable to the main router.  This max speed is not an option for me. So I am happy with the repeater solution.


If you enjoy the solution, please share posts on your ideal solution and successes....




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Hi @hood, thank you for taking the time to share how users can improve their WiFi connection. Hope they read this too. 

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