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Thu, Nov 14, 2013 12:00 AM

Extremely bad service, utterly disappointed.

I've been reading this forum for some time, not that I like it - it's useless most of the time - but to see what the others are posting. As we all know, 99% of the posts are negative, but apperantly nobody in Starhub cares about that. They only care when they are about to wheedle some poor customer into signing a bad contract for 2 years. Then the big problems begin.


Let me share my experience with this company, which - if ever existed in Europe - they would have been forced to close years ago.


Luckily, my 6 months contract for cable internet expired and I am no longer bound to them. Yes, I had a 6 months contract. Yes, I know that they don't officially have such contract. But back in March, after I called them on the phone, somehow they miraculously offered me this contract, which is kinda "unofficial" and you can get it only if you call them on the phone. I don't want to go into details what happened after I "signed" this contract on the phone. I had to explain what I want to at least 5 different sales agents, which were all giving me different information and different rates. There is ABSOLUTELY no communication between them, as if they are working in different companies. Finally I managed to get it, the technician came over to my house to bring me the modem, and of course, he wanted me to pay more money for the modem than actually I was offered. Anyway, I didn't want to make a fuss, because the difference was something like 5 bucks, so I took it. I started using the internet and thigs were alright. One day though, I decided to register in their website to be able to pay my bills there (my first 3 months were "free"). When I logged in to my profile, I was very surprised to see that my contract is to expire in 2015. Apparently it was only me who had thought that I was on 6 months contract! Silently they subscribed me for the regular 2 years contract and if I didn't check it in the website, I would never have known! Of course, I called them and after 2 days of bouncing phone calls from one agent to another, I was assured that everything is fixed. According to them, I am on 6 months contract indeed, but it wasn't updated in their system. Then my contract expired.


Two weeks ago, after I was out of contract for more than a month already, I called them to see whether I can get a new 6 months contract. This time I wanted to switch to 100 mbps internet, which is a scam - in reality the speed is 20 mbps. 100 mpbs is only the "name" of the plan. This is the cheap trick their marketing people came out with - to make the uncles and anties believe that they are using 100 mpbs internet. Anyway, this was the top-of-the-line "cable broadband" plan, so I had no choice but to ask for this one. Another mystery to me is why they are still using this archaic term "broadband", especially since their internet is more like a "narrowband", but let's not dig further into that.


My first surprise was to hear that I have never been on 6 months contract since they don't provide 6 months contracts. My contract, according to the agent, is for 2 years and it's going to expire in 2015! So I was back to square one. I had to settle this first before even start talking about signing for another contract. After another 3 days of phone calls bouncing from one agent to another and every time explaining everything to the new one from the scratch, my contract expiry date went to normal. Even in my online profile it shows that I am out of contract now. Needless to say, I would never sign any contract with them and I would continue using it like this if it wasn't the fact that it's only 13 mbps and I am paying $60 every month. Provided that they are offering 20 mbps for $40 per month, I had no choice but to start negotiating again.


Starhub have one classic peculiarity which I am sure that everyone of you has stumbled upon at least once. When you call their hotline, they can never resolve your problem or answer your question, because they always have to ask "the relevant department". This "relevant department" is veiled in mystery and magic. You can never reach them directly, the agents can never divert your calls to them and only they can call you back if they are in this special mood for calling you back. This "relevant department" doesn't even has name. The customer service and sales agents cannot reach them directly either, but instead they write them e-mails. There is no internal phone communication in Starhub. I am sure that the customer service agents don't even know where their physical location is or are they human or some other species. But they always forward your issue to this "relevant department".


When I asked the first sales agent to offer me 6 months plan, she said that there is no such plan. I said that back in March I was offered such plan over the phone and I was told that when you call them, they can provide such plan for you. Then, as expected, she said that she has to raise my question to the "relevant department" which will call me back. Ok, I said - When are they going to call me? - Today by 9 pm, she said. Alright. 3 days ago, after nobody called me back, I called them again. I waited 25 minutes until someone picks up the phone. Then I had to explain everything from scratch to another agent. Her name was Ivone. She was nice. She promised me that the "relevant department" will call me back the next day. I asked her how can I be sure that they'll call me back? Ivone promised me that she will personally follow up. Ok. After 2 days I had a breakthrough - a guy from the mysterious "relevant department" called me! I couldn't believe it! Of course, he had no idea what's my case so I had to explain everything to him again. But at least I was speaking with representative of the "relevant department"! This guy - I didn't write down his name because I was out for lunch - said that I should call the sales hotline because only they can deal with plans and prices. I couldn't believe it! I thought that the "relevant department" is the one and only, the almighty godfather of Starhub which can do everything! Alas, this guy said that he will personally talk to the sales to call me, and in any case he will personally call me back.


After another 2 days - guess what. Ivone called me. Who remembers Ivone? She was very concerned how is my case going. I told her about the guy from the "relevant department" and how he promised to call me back but never did. Ivone asked me for his name but unfortunately I didn't know him. Ivone promised to call me back.


I couldn't wait for another 2 days so I the next day I called again. Then I came across the woman named Lynthia or Cyntia or something like that. Her English wasn't up to shuff so I couldn't get exactly what she's saying but again the whole story repeated. She promised that the "relevant department" will call me as soon as she writes them an e-mail. I told her that I will be expecting them to call me back in 2 hours time. She said it's impossible because they are busy. Of course they are busy. So I agreed to wait until 9 pm for their call.


Until 9 pm nobody called.


2 days later I called the sales hotline and I was furious. I told them that if nobody calls me to settle my problem, I will personally go to their building in Tai Seng and will find their senior management to complain to. After 1 hour a sales agent called me back. She was firm that they don't offer 6 months contracts or at least not anymore, and asked me do I want to subscribe for 2 years. I had no choice so I agreed. She was very keen on sending someone to change my modem at home and let my new plan kick in. I said - ok, no problem, but I have one question. How much is the upload speed with this plan? For me the upload speed is very important. She said it's "up to 10 mbps". Of course, I wanted more specific answer, because 0.5 mpbs is also considered "up to 10 mpbs". I wanted to know more details and what does this "up to 10 mpbs" means. Then she stuck. She said that she is not sure and she has to ask her colleagues from the technical department to call me to speak with me. I said - ok, I waited for more than 2 weeks already, so another 1-2 days would be fine. For me it was more important to know what I'll be dealing with in the next 2 years instead of just plunging into it and then regret later. I told her that unless someone gives me more details on this upload speed, I don't want to get subscribe to anything. She said she'll hold it for now and she'll ask the technical team to call me first.


I am writing this one week after this conversation with her. As expected, so far nobody has called me. I guess they are pretty comfortable with me paying 60 bucks every month for this super slow internet so why would they bother answering inconvenient questions and offering me contracts?


Honestly, I don't know what am I gonna do. Apparently Starhub doesn't give a siht about their customers and their support is non-existent. But I wanted to share my story with all of you, so at least more people to be aware what are they going to be dealing with.


The worst thing is that in Singapore we don't really have a choice. From what I've seen so far, all the internet providers are similar with bad services and non-existent customer service.




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