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Fri, Jul 6, 2018 7:00 AM

Extreme Slow internet speed ever on 1GBPS fibre broadband

Hi, Starhub

I getting such low speed.we use the modem and router provided by you and yet we still get this kind of speed standing beside the router. I've tried resetting both modem and router but to no avail.

1,Sometime we need on and off modem router , speed will increase back to normal ,around like few minutes, speed become like extreme slow, need access internet also cannot .previous still no issue , after recontract  change a new modem router-EA7500,internet speed become like **bleep** .

2,Begin still thought is PC LAN  port issue , going computer shop bought it LAN Sub card , and wifi PCI-E card , but issue still persisit.

3.Our still thought is new modem router-EA7500 issue ,took back to starhub 1 to 1 new modem . end up, new 1 still same issue , call in to starhub ask us to do modem restart ,reset .still face same issue.

4.In the end , starhub hubtrooper came to my house reset my modem ,setup everything.i tell hub trooper , after u did everthing sure good connection,if wait few minutes conection will drop until like **bleep** , sometimes cannot even connect wifi.techinician conclusion is ask us monitoring ,somemore(The technician only said "suspect") 

5.Sometimes play game will auto disconnect , even using wifi or LAN cable .very irritating 

6.I am DISAPPOINTED with StarHub service.

7.Where is the quality service to customer then? Only know how to promote the service after that it did not rectify the issue when occur.

8.Anyone can provided starhub CEO email? complain to CEO izzit helpful?

9.Hope starhub will give a good solution to fix it this issue. pls look it my internet speed , photo provided



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