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Sat, Apr 24, 2021 3:04 AM

Enough is enough Starhub

Dear Starhub, 

I am absolutely fedup with your support and service now. 
Timeline of events: 

*DAY#1: 22 Apr 2021*
1. On 22 Apr my package was due to be upgraded and a new device was supposed to be delivered that evening
2. At 07:30am (22 Apr) my existing internet and TV stopped working. I did all the troubleshooting steps and then called Starhub
3. Call#1: (08:00am) Agent tells me that there is some issue in the backend and the device you are supposed to get tonight is also showing as "cancelled". I have sent a request to the 2nd level team to look into this, you'll hear back in a few hours and they will call you. 
4. Call#2: (12:00pm) Agent tells me that there is no update and issue should be resolved ASAP. I request agent to just get my interent back up and running as I am working from home and my phone's hotspot is very flaky. Also none of my othere devies (camera in kids room etc) are working as they all are offline now. 
4. Call#3: (4:00pm) Agent tells me this will take another 24 hours, but if you just want the interent to work then I can move your interent back to the old id and then in 30-45 mins the internet should be on. I ask the agent to explain to me what exactly has gone wrong, the agent said the team will call you back. 
5. Call#4: (5:30pm) Interent is not back yet. A new agent says the information given was wrong, this will take 24 hours to fix, nothing we can do or tell you. Someone will call you back. 

*DAY#2: 23 Apr 2021*
1. Call#5: (08:30am) Agent says we have no update for you yet but the good news is that the backend shows a status of "processing" which means ASAP someone will call you back. I insist that there has to be some other way for you to just "talk" to the next level team and tell them that the customer is not at fault, they just wanted upgrade their package and Starhub has shutdown the old one and the new one is not up and running. I am lost a lot of productivity already as hotspot is not working.
2. Call#6: (12:00pm) Agent says no update on the system yet, but someone will call you back within 25 mins. 
3. Call#7: (2:00pm) Agent says no update but ASAP will get fixed anytime now
4. Call#8: (2:30pm) Someone calls be back and says "this will take 24-48 hours, sorry" and then closes the phone with no detail provided. Why waste me time to tell me what I alredy know. 
5. Call#9 (06:30pm) [I am fedup by this circus by now] I tell the agent to stop upgrading me to the new package, I just want the old service back, put a note on the system on this. Agent says nothing the can do to contact the other team. What sort of support structure does Starhub have and there is no formal escalation process to speak to a level 2 team to (a) tell the customer why this is happening (b) the solution. I ask agent to cancel my account with Starhub as I've wasted 9 phone calls, lots of office productivity lost in this mess. Agent says go to your nearest starhub shop to cancel, there is no other way (wow!) but someone will call you back ASAP. 

*DAY#3: 24 Apr 2021*
1. Call#10: (10:00) Issue remains as is. Agent says some of your services are progressed other are waiting. Nothing I can do about it. Just wait another 24 hours. I specifically tell them to STOP upgrading my serivce and just give me the old one back. There is a lot of confusion now on what is/ is not being upgraded and the team who has to look into it is no where to be found. Agent says a senior person will call me back (I hope it's not the same agent who called yesterday saying "give us 24-48 hours"). 

Right now: It is 12pm on Day 3 and
- I have no interenet and no TV servivec for something that was not even the customers fault
- No one in starhub is putting themselves in the customers shoes, no one understands what the customer is going through and how much disruption this has and continues to cause
- I cannot do any work
- My kids have no internet to do their homework
- We cannot leave our kids at home as the camears are offline
- My exisiting data connection is fully used up and is very flaky
- For starhub this is just "one ticket/one issue" and therefore going about their normal process. 
- This is COMPLETELY unacceptable support from Starhub. 




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6 m ago

Hi @user_8589ac, we are sorry that we have not met your service expectations. Please know it's not our intention to make things difficult for you. Just to check, is someone from StarHub able to assist you with your concern already? 

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