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Thu, Feb 15, 2018 4:00 PM

Early Termination??

I signed up for Dual broadband 500 on 01/02/16. Previously, I was able to recontract after 21 mths. When I called up early Jan ie on the last month of the contract, I was told I can only recontract on 31/01/18. Fine, no big deal. I called up on 31/01/18 and recontracted to fibre 1gb. The sales consultant told me the earliest appointment will be 02/02/18. My cable broadband will be terminated and fibre upgraded on that day.

Everything went as planned.

But when I received the bill yesterday, I am shocked to find that I am charged $29 for EARLY TERMINATION of my Dual broadband. What nonsense is this? Is Starhub trying to earn a fatter angpow for the new year?

Fellow subscribers, please check your bill carefully especially when you recontract.




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3 years ago

Hi Lawrence_Lim, please PM me the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN, mobile and email address. Let me check on this. 

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