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Wed, Jan 28, 2015 9:00 PM

D-Link DAP-1520 Wifi Extender Compatibility to Cisco DPC3925

Hi guys,


I am looking for guidance on the subject mentioned.


I have a Starhub issued Cisco model (DPC3925) modem & router. Unfortunately, there are areas in my residence where I experience a low wifi signal and hence would like to increase the coverage by installing  a Wifi Extender.


I spoke to the Starhub customer service officer (Shobha) manning the Starhub cable broadband technical helpline seeking guidance on the compatible device but as expected, she was of absolutely no help choosing instead to ask me to call Cisco.


I proceeded to do some online research on Wifi Extenders and settled for DLink DAP-1520 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Range Extender as it supported both the 2.4GHz (same as my modem/router) and 5GHz bands.


I bought the device, followed the instructions but was unable to sync it with the Starhub issued Cisco modem/router. Based on this thread, it doesn't come as a surprise it didn't sync despite trying both the WPS or the manual set-up instructions provided!


Any ideas if the DLink wifi extender mentioned is compatible to the modem/router I have been issued? If it is, any tips on how to troubleshoot it to connect to my main router? In the event it is not compatible, any idea which brand/model of wifi extender is compatible?


Thanks in advance!



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6 years ago

Hi MSGrewal

DAP-1520 is Dual Band Range Extender, which you may not need as CISCO DPC3925 is not a Dual Band router.

You can consider Wireless Extender DAP-1360 ( It should extend the WiFi range further but as with all extenders, the speed you will be getting may not be optimal.

Another way to improve wireless connection will be having a second router for bridge mode.
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6 years ago

Hi team,


first and foremost my sincere apologies for the delay in reverting on your message. Was out on business & personal travel. Gong Xi Fa Cai to the team and thank you so much for the feedback.


In all honesty, I am pretty disappointed with the marketing tactics used by some of these technology providers! They should do a better job of ensuring descriptions for the various devices are more distinct and clear to the average consumer who may not have an IT background. I mean, to me a 'range extender' is the same as a 'wireless extender'! After all, both devices are for the purposes of improving the network signal coverage and given the network is wireless (ie. wifi), I struggle to see how it is not one and the same thing! The WIRELESS (ie. WIFI) RANGE is what I intend to EXTEND! So naming it as 'Range Extender' and 'Wireless Extender' makes little sense to me personally at least.


Instead of investing in yet another device only to discover some other issue with it is not my first choice. I am however interested in your second suggestion of using a 'second router for bridge mode'.


Is it possible for me to use the Wireless G broadband router model: WRT54G2 as a second router and bridge it to the Cisco DPC3925? If so, how can I go about doing it?


Thanks and regards in advance!



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