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Vijay Shreenivo

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Fri, Nov 6, 2015 6:00 AM

Dir 868L product discontinued

Hi Support


I had recently signed a contract for 1Gbps Fiber Broadband in mid october 2015 and waiting for tech team to turn on this service from tomorrow.


The standard router suggested is the Dir 868L. When checking against the Dlink website , it seems the model / prodcut is discontinued and free support ends in 11/01/2016. Does starhub have plans to replace such unsupported model with a better , supported model






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5 years ago

When a product is discontinued, this means that this product production ceased.

This do not means that any issue related to this product will be permanent erased.

Or they will not service &or repair this product.

All issues relating to the product will still exist in their website.

Any firmware &or download files & faq, will also still exist in their website.


Dlink by indicating this is to inform any current owner of this product.

This is a wise decision.


As a matter of fact, production of any smartphones &or products will normally ceased, after a certain period.

There are several reason, such as; the stated product have some improvement & with more features added.


For example, last year, Samsung did stated that their Galaxy S4 will be ceased in production.

This may also apply to Galaxy S5 soon.


Manufacturer cannot keep on having a product to continue in production if there are no demand.

But most manufacturers, will still continue to service the product if it is due to product defect.


So, you do not need to be alarmed on this matter.

"Contact Support" do have certain meaning.

It do not mean that Dlink will not accept this product for repair due to manufacturer defect.

This is could means they may not handle calls regarding this product, but they will and still have to accept this product at their service center.


btw, Starhub have already use other models, instead.



A few years ago, someone give me an old 'ancient' camera, that have defect.

So i went to the distributor service center. Upon collecting the item, the staff said it was free.

Most reliable manufacture will honour this defect, even the product was long ago ceased.


For me, I was in-charge of warranty claims direct to the Manufacturer.

Any defect by the manufacturer, the distributors will be informed, and repair was required, even after warranty period &or conditions had expired.




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5 years ago

please see for full information




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