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Sat, Oct 1, 2016 7:00 PM

Cisco DPC 3925 - WiFi on Multiple Android Mobile Devices is Extremely Slow (except Google)

For the last few days I have encountered a very strange error.


All my Android mobile device connected to my WiFi on Cisco 3925 have started lagging.

It takes about 1 minute to load any website.

My android mobile devices are : Note 7 and Xperia Table z2

What is weird only Google website is working properly


I have searched online and found that has something to do with ipv6 and ipv4. But I really do not know how to change these setting.


My laptop is also connected to wifi and works just fine no problems.

My Iphone 6 works perfectly fine too.


I have reset my router to factory settings.

I wiped the cache of my mobile devices, changed their ip.

Nothing helps.


Please help. I would appreciate it a lot.













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5 y ago

Hi @Orsettochu, just to check, have you tried connecting your desktop/laptop to your router via a LAN Cable to check if the connection stablizes? That will help us to isolate the issue that you're facing. Thanks -Jolene


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5 y ago

Hi  @Orsettochu


The Android handsets.

The the handset connect to  2.4GHz  or  5GHz.


For 2.4GHz the speed is very slow.

For 5 GHz the speed is good to excellant.


As for  ipv6 and ipv4, i never do this type setting before.

Only using the default setting on the handset.

PC &or laptop are using ipv4 as there is no connection on ipv6 for LAN & Wifi.



External IP Address is the home network, whereas Internal IP Address are mostly fixed for each devices connect to the home router.


In fact, there is some setting which could help to improve your handsets home wifi.

The key is the "Channel" as this will not clash with others wifi neighbours'.

As i am not faimilar with this, either search on this subject &or some users may able to assist you.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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