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Tue, Jan 2, 2018 5:00 AM

broadband disconnection fee

6 years as starhub broadband user, I switched to other telco after contract finish. The lady at tampines counter told me I have to pay broadband disconnection fee $32.10 (21 December 2017, Modification form # 1-208045871121). Never mentioned when you joint starhub, but written inside T&Cs that people might think as early termination. Curious I asked her what is this fee for, she said it's not for starhub, but charged by OpenNet (Netlink Trust). I contacted Netlink Trust, wanted to know why they charge me when I'm still using their line under different telco. They gave quick response, they will not impose any fibre service disconnection fee to the end user. Not sure where this fee will go.



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3 years ago



NLT usually deal directly to Service Providers and any matters it is the SP to do the works.


It is SP that collect and pay to NLT for any services utilized.

As such they do not collect direct from consumers.

All form of rebates and whatever are nego between IDA, NLT & ISP.


Do you know that ISP have rebate or given some cost &or commission to have customers sign-up to Fibre network.

Even some cost in the fibre network infrastructure is provided for without you paying the full price as what private house have to.


As money matters, most CS may not be aware of the full extend as it is privately between related parties &or depts concern.


Do consider that someone has to do the job to disconnect your line properly and later reconnect your line to another provider.

NLT staff have to be physically in your location to handle this task, not necessary to be in your premise.

I have been observing several times NLT staff at the void deck doing their jobs which take several hours.



For your info.

Some ISP charge $200+ for termination without any notice on this during sign-up.

Those ISP customers in the end have to pay.

So do check on your next ISP on the full cost from sign-up to termination on all cost.



Although it may not be much, but sometime we do pay for other things much more for no reason.



i am not starhub staff.

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3 years ago

Hi sitimo, feel free to send me a private message if you need further clarification. Thank you! - Josephine

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3 years ago

thanks eric for your response. my confusion is when starhub CS (I believe she is sub-contract CS but since wearing green starhub t-shirt & manning official starhub booth, should know more than you who are not starhub staff) said the fee paid to OpenNet, while this network co reply in mail & phone no such charge. There is nobody come to disconnect under starhub order, but yes someone was there to check connection prior installation new modem under other telco.


"Although it may not be much, but sometime we do pay for other things much more for no reason."


yes, changed mobile plan; wanted to retain same number, CS said I must pay $ for new simcard. Got new simcard with different number, must wait couple hours before switched back to my previous number. why don't just use my previous starhub simcard?

19 Dec 2017, as starhub valued customer I received letter from VP, segment & marketing to get free upgrade to 500Mbps fibre broadband, no change to my subscription charges ($ 39.90). Plus an exclusive deal to purchase linksys EA7500 AC1900 router at just $120 (U.P $299). Check yourself what you get with $39.90/months

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