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Wed, May 23, 2018 8:00 PM

1gb fibre broband speed test and result came out too slow.

Dear Sir or madam,


I run a speed test on my new fibre internet through wifi and provided Lan cable

and it came out 29.53mbps and 37.42mbps on wifi, 272.48mbps on provided Lan cable.


Tested with my phone, samsung galaxy s7, on 5g network, and came out about same result.


Please help.screencapture-broadbandspeedtest-starhub-speedtestv3-1-2018-05-24-11_47_43.png





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3 years ago

Good day @Hanok7481


Does restarting your modem/ONT and modem help resolve the issue at all? If this doesn't help, please provide me your full name,NRIC/FIN number, contact number and email address via Private Message so that I can arrange for assistance. 

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