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Sat, Jan 2, 2021 4:16 PM



Starhub's competing telco is capitalising on the withdrawal. They are advertising a promotion which tells customers not to worry about the "withdrawal of channels" and to subscribe to their package.

I suggest Starhub counter this by some attractive promotions or compensate starhub customers in some other way.




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9 m ago

HI @ luvnature, thanks for letting us know about what the competitors are doing. Having to cease any channel is always a tough decision for us, and in order to stay competitive and refresh our portfolio of content and services, we had to make this decision. But yes, thank you for sharing your idea, and while we work to source for new content and promo, check out our current offer on

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8 m ago

Starhub, you cannot be penalizing customers to "refresh your portfolio and stay competitive" - especially when you have agreed under contract to provide these services. I am not against Starhub improving its services, and I would be sympathetic if Starhub simply cannot reoffer the channel due to channel provider issues.  But to offer the very same channels again - just under a different package and at higher cost - even to customers they have already contracted to provide this service - is disingenuous and an attempt to dupe its customers for a few pennies more.  Shame on you Starhub!!    

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8 m ago

Please add on a guide on the website for the hotstar navigation on the Starhubtv+ box, the controls are really confusing.




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Hi @Yap Kin Soon, what issues are you facing while navigating Hotstar? 

~ Carla



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