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Sun, Oct 11, 2020 1:15 AM


Unsubscribe from numbershare to transfer to new Apple Watch

Hi, I spent hours trying to unsubscribe from numbershare to transfer to a new Apple Watch, I kept getting error msgs in the StarHub app but with no reason. 

By accident I found that I needed to switch to the master hub account to do so! (my wife and I have a hub account but recently the StarHub app allowed us to have separate login points to see just our own data use - a good idea).

So I logged into our Hub account under my wife's name and could cancel and then re-subscribe.


Can I please suggest that this is written into the StarHub app as an error message for future users, will save a lot of time.


Howard Toh



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3 m ago

Hi Andy, 

Sorry if we gave you the impression that we had ignored this. In this part of the community (Ideas Exchange), we only get alerted if there are 20 votes or more to an "Idea". In your case, it does not seem to be an expected behaviour of the app.

If you have granted your wife "Standard" level of access on her Mobile ID, she should be able to unsubscribe from the NumberShare Value-added service. If you had given her the "Basic" access level, she should instead be given a prompt to log in with the main Hub ID. 

I've spoken to my colleague, who is the product manager of the app and he's really keen to know what exact error messages you've received. Can I trouble you to send me your main Hub iD, screenshots and any error messages that you can remember? You can send it to

Thank you!

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