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Wed, Jul 8, 2020 2:00 AM


starhub customer care - improve throughput

based on my personal experience and observation, there is a need for remote access to improve problem solving.

When we call customer hotline on technical issue, the user is unable to pinpoint the exact nature of error or issue, and the care consultant is unable to visualise the setup or hardware or software which is causing the problem.


If user is willing to allow remote access to his or her PC, the consultant is better able to trouble shoot the issue in front of the user.


Many software helpdesk utilises remote access to trouble shoot on the spot.


Pls seriously consider to utilise remote access as another option to better improve customer service.









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1 y ago

Thanks for sharing this idea, @hood! Get your friends and family to vote for your idea, and we'll float this to our technical team to find out if this is feasible. -Jolene 

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