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Wed, Feb 19, 2020 5:00 PM


Retaining customers

In the highly competitive telco market, it is a big challenge for telcos to retain customers, including Starhub I believe.

It is all the more difficult when all the Telcos offer plans that are almost similar.

Starhub has to do something different to retain customers.

One way to retain customers is to reward long time customers who have been with Starhub continuously.

Following suggestions may be considered:

1. Yearly Discount/waiver on subscription for a month. The percentage of discount/waiver can be related to how long the subscriber has been with Starhub, without break.

2. Further reduction on the price of phone while recontracting.

3. Vouchers to purchase products.

4. Waiver of the entire $300 early recontract fee, instead of just $200.


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