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Tue, May 12, 2020 6:00 AM


auto renew capability on the 28 days WOW Data plans or 90/180/365 days plans

Hello Team,


As per Carla_P recommendation here. I would like to present a following request for consideration:


TL;DR summary: Please add a tick button to the app "Auto renew this plan from balance" when ordering the WOW Data plan.


The original request:


I would really appreciate an auto renew capability on the existing 28 days WOW Data plans or 90/180/365 days plans - I don't even expect any special discounts (very simple offers like 28*3*$10 or 28*6*$10 or 28*12*$10 would do).


All I am asking is just a peace of mind so I don't have to repeat the experience from 2 days ago when I just walked outside for 1 hour, forgot to renew my data plan and only to find that my $20 balance disappered on just the background data activity - couldn't be possibly more than 10MB of data as I have 99% background data activity manually limited to WIFI. Really not a good customer experience.


People have been asking about this here and here. Might be good idea to take action on this.


Thank you for your consideration.


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