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Mon, Oct 16, 2017 1:00 AM

Not eligible for recontracting voucher as i am under HomeHub GO ?!

My homehub Go contract has been dued for recontracting since 2 months ago.


For the past 10over years i have been receiving recontracting voucher whenever i am able to renew my contract. However this time your CSO mentioned that i am not entitled to voucher 


May i ask how is this so? Since i have my all 3 of my cable tv, fibre network and mobile line subscribed under starhub. Purely ALL starhub. shouldn't loyal customers like myself be entitled to this minimal previlege of recontracting voucher or so?


Your CSO mentioned if i only have a mobile stand-alone contract then i will be entitled to a voucher.


So does this means if your customer sign just a mobile line from Starhub but sign fibre and cable tv plans with your competitors, its better?



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4 y ago

Hi klementkrz1, can you PM me with your full name, NRIC/FIN, StarHub account number, email and mobile? I'd like to help.

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