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Sat, Sep 12, 2020 6:46 AM

Questions Regarding Transfer of Ownership for Fibre Broadband



I am looking to transfer ownership of broadband from my dad's account to my own (Same address). Saw the transfer form at and have a few questions.


1) Once I complete filling the form, I email it along with a photocopy of my dad's NRIC and my NRIC to and wait for it to be processed? Is this the correct procedure?


2) Will there be any downtime for the fibre broadband during the time period for the transfer of ownership?





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a month ago

Hi @DgeneX, yes, that correct. But, before that make sure all outstanding balance should be cleared before transfer of ownership can be processed. The transfer of ownership will be processed in 1 business day upon receipt of the completely accomplished application form. You may also send the form at < >. Moreover, there won't be any downtime during the processing of the request. Lastly, please take note of other requirements which can be found in the checklist section of the actual application form.

~ Carla



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