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Sun, Nov 2, 2014 8:00 AM

Poor WiFi coverage and downlink/uplink speed seems abnormal

Hi all, I really wonder why all the routers you all Telco provide have no antenna, result in poor WiFi signal coverage, even if I just only stand within 4 metres away from the router, my mobile phone or lappy still can't get full bar reception.

Though I've already bought a WiFi booster/repeater but guess what, if my lappy/phone were connected to the network that was transmitting from the booster/repeater, its connection will keep turning into "No internet access/No response" after using it for a while (and I have to disconnect and reconnect again, while the "no internet access/no response" issue happens repeatedly)

Seems like the booster isn't compatible with the Cisco router provided by Starhub.


Secondly, I have no idea which broadband plan I'm using since I'm just a tenant, the house owners isn't around usually.

I will check with them later but hey, recently the speed is really terrible

The result is only about 16 Mbps(Down) and 3 Mbps(Up), ping: 50~200ms

Previously wasn't like that, I can get at least 28 Mbps(down) and 12 Mbps(up), ping: below 40ms

and some more the speedtest result is just a test, practically I still have to wait for like 10 seconds to complete the webpage loading for, in actual real-life use. Seriously? It doesn't even feel like it has 16Mbps downlaod speed.

Could Starhub takes any actions regarding this?


Btw, any idea on which package the house owner subscribed?



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6 years ago

Nowadays, almost all of the newer routers do not have antenna. They are all with built-in antenna.

Have you tried doing a bandwidth test on while on a wired connection to the modem?
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6 years ago

You probably may want to try to do a hard reset (factory reset). Once it is done you have to reconfigure the security settings .before you proceed, you must understand some basic settings. If you not sure, you can read up or if you want to reset it badly, you may want to call the technical helpdesk to guide you. But importantly you must seek the approval of your house owner. He....he      good luck!

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