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Need help to locate SCV Coaxial splitter in house

Hope to use the coaxial wirings for ethernet.

So need help in locating this SCV coaxial splitter.


The SVC main cable will lead from outside of house into house.

These black cable is the main coaxial cable that each leads into 4 house units on that level.





From inside house, this cable will be connected to a splitter to split into more cables to lead to individual rooms for SCV points.

Coaxial splitter




I understand most new homes or HDB has the splitter located near the house electrical distribution board (DB), usually near main door entrance. 




However, mine was not to be found near my house DB or at TV area in living room.


My house is a private condo that TOP in 2006.


Can anybody advise how I can locate this coaxial splitter in my house?

I thank you in advance for your kind advise.

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Howard Toh



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Hey @ianest 


I checked with a colleague who may have some experience with this 


His advice was:


For private apartments, it will depend on the developer as they are allowed to choose a placement where they deem fit.


Some private properties have their own on-site technicians who are aware of the exact location.


Typical locations: a false ceiling, helper's room / storeroom / riser


So from what I understand, unlike HDBs, there is no standard location. It may be best to check with your condo management. 

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Thanks for helping check.

Unfortunately, my condo mgt has no idea as well.


it Is not found in store / maids room either.


if it is above false ceiling, any advice on how to start to trace the splitter?
As in, will the splitter be likely near main entrance, or above TV area etc?



Thanks for ur reply.


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