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Wed, Jul 8, 2020 1:00 AM

Internet down when using VOIP

I have been facing this issue intermittenly:

- My internet will go down whenever i am receiving incoming call or making outgoing call from my Cordless Dect Phone which is connected to the modem as below:


Necleus Connect Modem -> Tel 1 Line -> [RJ11-to-RJ45 cable] -> Ethernet Port D1 -> wall plug Port D1 -> [RJ45-to-RJ11 phone line adaptor] -> [RJ11 cable] -> Dect phone


Is there any settings or something that i missed out? Or Starhub must do some configurations on their side?


Thanks in advance!


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2 months ago

Hi @xiejingwei, sorry for the inconvenience caused. We need to refer you to our Customer Care Support Team on Facebook or Twitter as this will require further technical assistance to address your concern. 


We would also like to welcome you to Greenr Community. We're happy to see you join us here. 😊


~ Carla



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