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Mon, Jun 15, 2020 7:00 PM

Sawadee! Om Suastiastu! - Thai Style Squid and Jagung Pedas Manis

Hi Everyone! I hope that all of you are having better days now that the circuit breaker is over. As we enter slowly into phases of reopening, there is definitely one thing that most of us look forward to...travelling again! Am I right or boy am I right?!Cat Tongue


Two of the many asia countries that I love travelling to are Bali and Thailand. When I think of these two countries, I think about their spicy food, their seafood, their mocktails by the beaches and the friendlly locals.

So today, lets go 'travel' with me as I share two recipes from The Land of Gods and the Land of Smiles that brings back great memoriesHeart

Thai Style Squid

1.5kg of squid(deboned, skinned)

*1 large red onion

*4 cloves of garlic

*8 bird eye chillies (you can reduce it if you are not a fan of spicy food)

3 tbsp chopped coconut sugar

2 tbsp fish sauce

2 calamansi (extract the juice, set aside. Thinly slice the skin of your calamansi, not wasting this!)
1 tomato (cut into 4 wedges)
Salt and table sugar to taste (optional)
Coriander Leaves (thinly sliced. I didn't had any so I replaced mine with spring onions and chinese celery instead)


*blend coarsely


1)Wash the squid throughly with salt water and soak in lime juice.You can get this juice like I did from any supermarket or in abundance from Golden Mile Complex. 

1st pic.jpg2) While the squid is soaking,fill a pot of water enough for your squids and let it boil. Then prepare the other ingredients.4th pic.jpg

3rd pic.jpg3)Once done, wash and strain the squid, cut into rings and blanch it for 3 min in the boiling water. We are just blanching the squid so it will stay tender. Toss the squid and keep that squid water to use at later part of this recipe.
2nd pic.jpeg


4)Saute then blended ingredients with oil till slightly cooked, add in the coconut sugar with some of the squid water from earlier on. It depends on how soupy or thick you want it to be.

5th pic.jpg

5) Add in tomato wedges and let it simmer until the tomato skin lightly comes off. Add in chopped lime skin. Add in the salt and table sugar if needed and according to one's taste.

6th pic.jpeg

6) Turn off the fire and add in your squid rings and coriander leaves(leave some for garnishing). At this stage, the squid should be cooked only with the leftover heat of the stove.

and your dish is ready to be served on it's own or better paired with jasmine rice!final pic.jpeg


#2: Jagung Pedas Manis ( a.k.a Elotes)

1 corncob (optional to cut into half or quarters)
Mayonaise (Kewpie Mayo is good!)

Cajun Spice



Parmesan cheese or cheese powder



1)Boil the corncob with enough sugar and salt till cooked. (u can grill it too but gotta watch so the corn stays juicy)

2) Once the corncob is cooked, strain the water and wipe it dry with a kitchen paper towel and slap on some butter on it while it is still hot. I recommend using a bowl and brush.

3) Coat the corn generously with mayo

4)Sprinkle the cajun spice or chilli powder seasoning till well coated (again, if you are not into spicy food then u can reduce or replace with garlic/ranch powder seasoning)

5)Sprinkle the cheese powder or parmesan cheese till you can see no corncob. Squeeze a tiny bit of lime on it for a kick!


 And there you have it; corn that gets you all hot and bothered!Smiley LOLWhatsApp Image 2020-06-15 at 17.46.46.jpeg


Hope you guys will try out these recipes and let me know how you like it in the comments! Till next time!Heart





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1 y ago

Oooh! this totally reminds me of the seafood dinner I had on Jimbaran beach. The beach is right behind the restaurant, and we arrived just in time to watch the sunset. We got a nice table on the beach and bought the bbq corn from the pedlars while waiting for our food to be served. And when the sun sets, the wait staff at the restaurant would light the tables with candles so you can see what you're eating! 


They also have a small band that would go around the tables singing songs for their customers, so it's really like having candle-light dinner in a high-class restaurant but on the beach. 

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1 y ago

Can't wait to definitely start travelling again!

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