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Fri, Apr 17, 2015 1:00 AM

Working at StarHub: Waving Goodbye

Waving Goodbye


Being an apprentice for a white collar career in a national enterprise, mixed feelings flooded my mind at first. It could also be due to the constant manipulation from peers that forged a mentality that all corporations run in a disoriented structure.


Going through the undertaking of an internship is definitely not a joyful orientation at the top of my mind. Imagine going through the physical challenges of reporting at 8.30 every morning for a 9 hour ordeal on a weekly basis. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?


The People

Getting assigned to Kai Boon is the first great thing that happened, apart from being my supervisor he is also a Community Manager along with Howard. Working along with associates like Darren really turns the whole situation around. Despite his authoritative position, he still manages friendly smiles and occasional jokes. It is these little moments that gives the office a little more “family”.


The Work

Low profile employees often get an overdose of paper work in the movies, but in reality it’s the total opposite. To begin, all StarHub employees are treated equally, to certain extends. Even our directors are seated in standard cubicles fighting the war alongside.  Working in the Social CRM Team, we don’t use files anymore. When the tide comes, we simply get spammed with e-mails adding on to our digital to-do lists.


During times of distress, Kai Boon was always throwing life-saver hoops and bouncing to the rescue. Being the newest in the industry, we were often the damsels in distress; except we aren’t pretty. Even in the most inappropriate times, Kai Boon would smile and say “It is okay, I will take care of it”, when we mess something up.     



At the end of these 6 beautiful weeks, I have completely forgotten all the nasty thoughts of internship. Because I know that I’m not just going to miss the sense of achievement after work every day but also my colleagues.  I am really grateful towards Kai Boon, Howard and Darren for this opportunity as it has developed me significantly.


Completing the training personally, I would definitely recommend my friends to intern in StarHub and also urge you to join the team for an amazing attachment experience!  



Our Motto

Waving Goodbye


Some Core Values

Waving Goodbye


The Relax Corner

Waving Goodbye


                                                             Finally, Some Work

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Written by Wong Kin Hou and Sew Wei Jian


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Nicely written. I wished that I had the chance to intern there as well Smiley Sad


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@IncTEh is it because @KaiBoon is a good supervisor?


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Congratulatons on a job well done, KH and WJ! good luck with school!

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