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Tue, Apr 15, 2014 9:00 PM

Working at StarHub: My First Internship working with StarHub Community



Whirlwind stint of 6 weeks internship


Fancy an intern getting a chance to change the gamification algorithm, design the advocate programme, create, model and creatively design social media engagement campaigns, generate content, engage directly with customers and  being in the heat of all things social in the most socially devoted company in Singapore!  That’s the whirlwind stint of 6 weeks internship that the 3 of us from 2nd year Singapore Poly students in DMIT did in StarHub Community team! 

The first thing that came to my mind was “Oh my, StarHub is such a big and intimidating corporate, a small intern like me will definitely be doing nothing but a lot of boring administrative stuff, like most interns would”.   

On our first day of work, we met Howard & Darren, who are responsible for running StarHub Community.  Even though Howard looked scary at first, but the truth is, he’s not!  As for Darren, he’s always with a smile.  At one point, we were wondering whether he won lotteries everyday! Both of them are genuinely nice guys!  We’re glad they are our supervisors.Woman Very Happy


About StarHub Community


For people who don’t know what is StarHub Community all about, it is actually a forum that StarHub has come out with to let consumers share their experiences & problems while the other customers and the customer service officers will help to answer. In my point of view, this forum is actually very commendable, it shows that StarHub cares and value their consumers and they are trying to do something about it!  We quickly learned that StarHub Community is not just a support forum, but ordinary people can come and participate in many fun contests and share their interests.  


Exciting projects under our belt


One of the most memorable events throughout the 6 weeks’ internship was 2014 Sparklers Club Meeting event! We are lucky that we were able to help out in this event for StarHub advocates.  This event definitely was an eye opener for us.  Check out the event here:


Also, check out the 2 engagement campaigns we created all by ourselves! 






Also, coming out with the new gamification system for sparklers club member is really tedious but worthwhile task that we had done in this 6 weeks. This gamification system required a lot of analyses, discussions & planning. I’m glad we were given a chance to do a real life analysis project and even get to attend a SEO workshop!


We are glad that we did our internship with StarHub. Although six weeks is short, we manage to gain the most from the short period of time with the guidance from our supervisors. I am sure that the knowledge and skill set that we have acquired while working here will guide us through the next phase of our working career.


For students who are going to have your internship soon, if you really want to experience something “real” and fruitful during your internship programme, this is a place where you can choose to go.  


Written by Tan Yi Shiun, with fellow interns Lim Yi Han and Lim Jia Jie 


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7 y ago

It's great to have a wonderful internship experience with starhub! Ya very lucky indeed to have this great learning memory. But in life not everyone gets to have this enjoyable one like the way you do. I have a close dear kin that is now intern with starhub, and is undergoing emotional turmoil everyday, first time in a working world and not knowing how to handle she shivers with fear, helpless, in tears before and after work, and not a cheer, encouragement, care when unwell instead receives cynical, snide remarks, question for effort and endless. And she's still hoping things be better, will change and it affects her grade! I guess our goal other than a good grade is in an internship to learn life skills apart from applying what we have learnt back in school. Perhaps she's to learn the tough way? Looking at her, listening to what she shares, makes me wonder the selection process of intern supervisors at starhub? Is there necessary competencies to be one? Or a training needed? As starhub is a reowned company, providing services, customer services too. Wondering in progress to understand why it happens.
Howard Toh



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7 y ago

Hi @2Jessie2


Thanks for sharing your views on this – sorry that we took some time to respond!


Our HR colleagues have since met up with the current batch of interns recently to gather their feedback and to share on who they can turn to for help.


I came from the call centre and spent about 7 years in Customer Service. I truly understand the agony and difficulties that your close kin is going through. I handled the calls straight after my training and I also felt lost in the initial stage. I still remember how I felt on my first call - full of anxiety and very stressed out. I was eventually able to manage after getting tips from my team mates and team leader. After all these years at the call centre, I have emerged stronger and more resilient. The experience has helped me to build my character and I believe that your close kin will feel the same way too after completing the internship.



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