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Thu, Jun 30, 2016 2:00 AM

how to send bulk sms from pc



I am a volunteer and need to send messages to different group of people.  Instead of creating their contacts and add them to whatsApp group, is there another way to do it through PC?  I do not wish to have so many unwanted contacts in my phone.


Would appreciate if someone can share.  TYVM!


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5 y ago

Hi  @thk


You can refer to this post:


Are you related to that post user.


Before doing bulk SMS


Whatsapp require that the other receivers do have whatsapp app install.

If not, it will not be able to send.

If you are send bulk sms, this may consider like advert 'spamming'.

Telco(s) and phone users do able to block your sms which will be classified as spam.


Do take note that your Telco may be having too much of SMS from 1 phone numbers, which they have the rights to terminate your phone number due to this type of situation.

Do refer to this   Terms & Conditions on point 4.4.1


Do google search on 'Spam" for more info.


There are other ways to send sms to, say, 10 phone numbers.

Just open an Notes apps, and input the phone contact by group,  limited and not too many.

Do select the goup and copy.

In the SMS, for Send to: then do paste.

Also, you can use Notes to create the details in the sms.

After sending, then do select all and highlight (you can unmark the box for those sms you need -> Delete.

Repeat to each group, and ensure to limit the group, maybe to; example, 10 phone numbers or less.

Also do not continue 1 after 1 group, but leave a period of time.

There is not necessary to save the contracts on your phone, as it is just an option.


Your Decision.



This is my theory.  I am not Starhub staff &or related to.



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3 y ago

Sending bulk SMS from a PC to mobile has become really simple you just have to register or sign up with a Bulk SMS provider buy credits and you are good to go. But you should be very careful while selecting an SMS provider as there are a lot of Fly-By-Night SMS providers in the market. 

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