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Tue, Dec 31, 2019 8:00 AM

GreenR Community X Hot Deals

Happy New Year everyone! 


2019's done and dusted. How was it for you guys? Was it a smooth sailing one? Did you achieve the goals that you've set for yourselves? No matter the outcome, I believe that we should always focus on the good and celebrate achievements. 


As with all new years, the topic of setting new year resolutions comes up at this time of the year, and I often find myself setting a long list of goals (in my head) and then struggle to achieve them at the end of year for 1 reason or another. Guess I really have to pen down my resolutions and make them happen! 


Resolution #1: Actually achieve my new year resolution Smiley Tongue


Are you one who will pen down your new year resolutions and tick them off as you go along? What sort of goals do you set for yourself? 


1) Exercise more 

2) Eat healthier food

3) Learn a new skill

4) Pick up a new hobby

5) Read more 


No matter what goal you've set for yourself this 2020, GreenR Community is here to help! We've partnered with a few lifestyle brands to offer you deals and promotions


The list of participating brands are: 


1) BooksActually

2) J Platform

3) Jan's Floristry

4) J Platform

5) Lilo Ikan Bilis Powder

6) Tupperware


To unlock promo code: 

1) Sign in or Register for a GreenR Community Account

2) Join GreenR Deals interest group

3) Start shopping! Smiley Wink



Happy 2020 and have a great year ahead! 


*The list will be updated periodically with new deals and changes to any promotion. Stay tuned! 



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