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Mon, Jul 16, 2018 8:00 PM

Submitted Homehub online order 11 days ago but no follow up. The back end processing sucks!

Submitted my order online and I even got the email confirmation of the order with selected the Date and Time. Took a day off and wait for the Starhub technician to show up but no one turned up. Called the Hotline but always engaged or in waiting mode and never ending. Finally got through and i was told by the CS that the work order wasnt pick up by technician but no reason was given. Promised to give me a call by same day cause they need to check with their Sales team but never call up. 


So i went down to Starhub Center and was told that the Online order will need to call in to 1630. The local CS helped to called in again and the CS who answered the line again cannot tell why they never follow up on my case. I am totally fedup and asked them to cancel the order since they do not want my business, but guess what?! they mentioned there will be cancellation charge if I do so!


Hello @Starhub is this how you earn money from your customer? 


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