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Mon, Dec 9, 2019 8:00 AM

Received a call to recontract from 65764161

I received a call from the number above to offer to recontract my home hub as the home hub package had been changed. Other then verify with me, explaining the package details of the new entertainment groups, explain the terms and conditions of early terminations and in the end ask me to say yes for recontract, nothing else more. 


I wanna check is this number legit? It is belong to 1 of your preferred partners? What will happen if it's a scam? Should I made a police report? 


Howard Toh



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1 y ago

Hi @Ahsamzz 


65764161 does look like a legit number. However, in this day and age, I would not 100% trust a caller just by the origin of the number since foreign scammers have proven to be able to spoof their Caller IDs. 


My personal recommendation, not just for calls from StarHub, but even calls from other companies such as your banks, etc, is to always think about these points:

  1. Do you actually have an active service/subscription/account with the caller's company? Remarks: Caller should readily identify where they are calling from and you can begin to tell if this call is legit. However, do not let this be the only decision point as scammers can simply name a service that everyone has. For example, your Singapore Power account (gas/water/electricity).
  2. Is the caller able to greet you by name and able to specifically mention the type of services you have with them?Remarks: Caller should know your name and the exact nature of the service being referred in the call. If the caller tries to be generic by saying that he's calling about your "StarHub" service, you can ask "Which StarHub service?" and even "at which address?" if it is a Broadband or TV service. 
  3. Is the caller able to tie the PURPOSE of his/her call to the CORRECT status of your service? Examples:  
    • Has your StarHub contract really ended and the caller is offering you a renewal
    • Do you really missed a payment with the credit card company and the caller is reminding you to make payment? 
    • Did you really make a recent purchase and the retailer is following up with you on the something pertaining to that particular purchase
  4. Is the caller trying to ask you to do  something that makes you uncomfortable? Examples:
    • To send a payment to a specific account instead of the usual method(s)
    • To provide your password / PIN / OTP over the phone (No company will ask that)
    • To install third party software on your computer to do something that you did not ask forThese are red flags and you should not comply.

What I have written is not 100% scammer-proof but I truly believe it helps and I personally follow this when I receive calls. 

Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub :)

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