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Mon, Apr 17, 2017 8:00 PM

RE: Broadband : Contest



My HomeHub 100 (Cable) was down since last Friday, 17/3/2017. No signals to both broadband and cable TV

We had seek assistance from your customer service center and was by the CSO (1st) that our router pod broke down. Base on the issue and situation, we were advised to go to service centre to diagnose the hardware. Plaza Singapura is the service centre that we went and we were told the router pod was faulty. The staff told us that there is no more technical support for the router pod and we had to sign up renew our subscription plan with to discounted price for new router and modem. Internet is a necessity now and since we are novice, we proceeded on the advice of your staff.


Set up and installation of the new router and modem were done by ourselves back home on the same day. However there is still no internet connection and cable TV signals. It is frustrating! Thinking that we might not have set up correctly, support is need from your call centre again. But this time to our astonishment, your CSO (2nd) told us that our services were cut off and point-to-point connection not working outside our house. A technician is required for repair.


Appointment with technician was made and upon inspection, the technician found no issue with home connection and fault was external due to non-payment for Starhub services. Technician told us Starhub blocked the wrong cable. Since issue is not from us, we are not liable for charges.


Our payment are always prompt and we have been on Starhub services for almost 20years. Please check your records.


From this incident, it is an obvious fault from Starhub. Your 1st CSO and 2nd CSO gave us different advices. Likewise for the staff at service centre. At our expense, we had to go without our rightful services for 3 full days and also taking the trouble to sign up for new modem and router. I have doubts with the competency of your staff and customer centric diligence.


Now that I have to fork out additional monies for nothing, I am demanding an investigation and explanation from Starhub within 14 working days. Without giving me accountability to this, I will seek other avenues to address this.




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4 years ago

Hi Charlene, we sincerely apologize for the rough experience you had. Please PM me the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN, Email address and contact number. We'll be in touch. - Sofia


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