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Thu, Aug 13, 2015 4:00 AM

Questions regarding my various contracts

Hi, I have a few questions about my contracts. I learned upon signing into my Starhub account that my cable, internet and home line plan (it's a bundle) is ending on the 16th of October and is now eligible for recontract. But I do not want to recontract. I want to do to, is to rearrange my cable TV channel group (my mother had some add ons but she doesn't watch them anymore due to some channels ceasing transmission) and opt for a cheaper plan and to terminate my internet at the same time. Can this be done now (for free without termination fee), or do I have to wait till 16 Oct?


And my mother's mobile contract is ready to recontract too. Since she's getting old and does not need such a pricey plan anymore, can I downgrade her current plan (3G Power Value 300) to something cheaper too?


I hope for a speedy response, thank you.


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6 y ago

Hi @Zhaobin

I have sent you a PM. Please check.

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