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Thu, Dec 10, 2020 9:25 AM

Hub Club Early Recontract is misleading

I was looking at the FAQ on the starhub Hub club benefits and it states

"You can also enjoy waiver of early mobile recontract fee of $200 so you can get a handset upgrade every 12 months of an active mobile subscription."

I thought based on per line I owned is an "active mobile subscription." However, after I used it once for one of my lines, I found that I couldn't use it for my other lines for the 12 months handset upgrade. I felt cheated as the wording used did not indicate it is for per account as what I heard from the customer service officer. Then when I persisted on, the officer even mentioned that it is for per NRIC that the waiver is granted once! All these wordings were not shared to the customer prior to the purchase, plus the use of an unclear FAQ, this is really the worst.





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9 m ago

Hi @Adam Koh, sorry for the confusion. Let me just clarify that the waiver of the $200 Early Mobile Recontract Fee is only applicable to one mobile line that is registered under a Hub Club member's NRIC/FIN every 12 months.

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