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Sat, Jan 20, 2018 11:00 PM

Hub Club Annual Handset Upgrade

Been a homehub user for years and I realise that the so called “Annual Handset upgrade” waiver only issued $200 off. For example Galaxy S8 for M plan is $0 but with early recontract i still need to pay $100, which mean, phone price + $100 for annual early upgrade. 


I understand that previously there is no such fee. When looking at Singtel provide a total waive of $350 early annual handset upgrade.


Starhub makes the annual handset upgrade no longer attractive.


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4 y ago

Hi Fellowes, The Hub Club's waiver was always been $200 off. We value your feedback on this and will share it with the relevant team. Thank you!

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This has been removed totally now .. :(




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Hi @Justbeer, yes, sad to say, this is no longer available on our new Hub Club Go membership programme. For more information on our new programme, click here

~ Carla



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