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Sat, May 14, 2016 7:00 PM

HomeHub 200 Recontract Offer


Currently I am on HomeHub 100 Cable expiring coming July thereabout. Received above recontract offer twice from Starhub.


I watch Starhub TV in the master room, and this room only has cable point.


If I upgrade to Homehub 200 (which is fibre), does it mean I can no longer watch TV in master room, but must relocate decoder to living room where fibre point is located?


Is there any function build into the fibre equipment that would allow relaying of tv signal either through existing cable network within house, or go wireless?


If such is the constraint, what recommendation would Starhub make? Do I consider:


1) renew existing Homehub 100 plan and leave things status quo. Any recontract offer for Homehub 100?


2) let things float on July forward to await recontract offer for HH100? Will bill cost increase after July without contract?


3) Any other option to keep TV in master room by cable? Phone and broadband are still flexible since they can go wireless if necessary.


Thank you.


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4 years ago

Hi  @Ultra4900


Are you referring to Cable TV.


HomeHub 200 is based on Fibre Broadband 200Mbps, and TV is using cable connection to cable point.

So there is no need to worry, as they are both on different type of connection.


As for the recontract offer, it is most probably (as you did not mentioned, as assumed)


1.  Dual Broadband 200. 

This is about using 2 types of connection to surf internet, namely; Fibre Broadband 200Mbps + Cable Broadband 100Mbps.

For Starhub TV, you can subscribe separately.



2.  HomeHub 200.  Recommend, unless you require faster speed, check out the link below.

This is for Fibre broadband 200Mbps and Cable TV; both using different type of connection.


The following may able to answer all your questions;


This will enable to watch Starhub Cable TV on cable point.

You still be able to watch TV in the master room by using Starhub TV Set-top box.

Also you can opt for a 2nd Starhub TV Set-top box to watch in the sitting room.


Whereas, Fibre Broadband is using Fibre Terminal Point, normally locate in the sitting room.


For more info, go to   Starhub HomeHub



Contact Sales hotline  1630


If you want any further enquires,

Do send your subscriber details via
by clicking on 'Ask an Account Related Question'
and including your StarHub Community user name,
so that the customer support can check on this accordingly.


This Community Forum staff may contact &or assist you.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.


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4 years ago

Hi eric3743,

Your reply has clarified my questions.


Thank you very much.



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