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Thu, Dec 8, 2016 2:00 AM

HomeHub 1Gbps Unsatisfactory Performance (?)

Hi all,


So my dad just recontracted our old 200Mbps fibre broadband + cable subscription into the new HomeHub 1Gbps + cable deal. Seemed good.


Technician came on Dec 4 to install and set up everything for us. Some hiccups here and there, still prevalent, but nothing that we can't live with for now (SH said they will get back to us. Anyways, problem unrelated to fibre broadband).


I've been getting rather.... unstable connections. Here are some of my test results. All speedtests were done with OOKLA (; all cables are Cat 5e/6.

Direct connection from Desktop to ONT: Down 800-900Mbps; Up 800-900Mbps (good, cool)

Connection from ONT to DIR868L to Desktop: Down 400Mbps; Up 800-900Mbps (huh?)

Wireless 2.4Ghz (tested on OnePlus2): Down 50-60Mbps; Up 50-60Mbps (okay.... at least it's stable)

Wireless 5Ghz (tested on OnePlus2): Down 60-70Mbps; Up 60-70Mbps (oh c'mon...)


[Edit Dec 8] Forgot to mention that I've been intermittently getting disconnections as well. Router globe will turn orange and both my wired and wireless connections will be disconnected (it doesn't actually show disconnected on my desktop taskbar, instead all the pages i'm loading in my browser will timeout and say i'm not connected to the internet).


So I guess I can live with the 500Mbps loss of wired connection speed (I understand from reading that it's supposed to be around 600-700 anyways), though I would prefer to get this fixed as well. It's just annoying.

That WiFi on 5Ghz though... I am testing right beside the router no less.


Before the recontract, I was using the DIR865L and I know I could get 100-150+Mbps on the 5Ghz band (right beside the router of course) testing from the same phone. So I reverted back from DIR868L to DIR865L. No luck.... Still 50-70Mbps for both Down and Up.


Already tried fiddling around with the WiFi channels to try to get to a less clustered one. 5Ghz is currently on channel 165 (there's no one else on this channel, not sure why, everyone seems to be at a max of 161??)


So my conclusion:

1) It's not Starhub's fault since direct desktop to ONT gives me 1Gbps.

2) It's not really the DIR868L router's fault since my DIR865L is also giving me the same speeds now (???)

3) It's not a matter of channel congestion. (Could it be my other settings on the router though?)


I understand Starhub doesn't need to help me because their speeds are correct and are delivering, but I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction to get both the wired and wireless speed resolved? Especially since DIR868L is listed to have ceased production and support.


Appreciate any help/ comments the community may have!



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4 years ago

Hi  @lohbocop


For Speedtest, Starhub only recognise their speedtest link:

Starhub Local Speedtest

Starhub International Speedtest


Using other speedtest may not provide accurate result.

That is they divert the speedtest using other servers.

This is a lot differences, as i had done some testing & research.

For example Ookla.

Most they will ping to a best server, but not necessary will end up to provide you the accurate result.


Wifi issue is mainly on the devices itself.

Firstly it is the location on how and where the router is located.

Router is best located as high as possible, and without any interference from other devices.

More info on broadband from Starhub --> Home Broadband


Mobile handsets for latest models, do mostly can have dual band.

So it is much better to use 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz.

Samsung Note Edge & S6 speedtest result around 300Mbps+  

Using Ookla for handset, if you will to notice, it also ping for a best server.

For the servers, when you click on the result it will show the server.

You can set the server permanent, ex to; Starhub Mobile Pte Ltd, instead of others.


As for routers, i am using the same routers and wireless could be around 800+ Mbps; as i use same routers 868L for both main (wired to ONT) and wireless repeater; test using app that indicated wireless speed on the repeater.

That is how i can wired my laptop to the repeater to get 500Mbps speed according to my plan, instead laptop wireless limit to 300Mbps max (actual 200)

As for wireless setting, i never like to 'play' with the setting, as prefer to use the default "Auto".

Being here and learning from fellow users that taught me on internet matters.


Connection between router and ONT.

Firstly, i never switch both devices off, leaving it 24/7.

I notice that since Starhub do not provide a permanent IP.

When i connect and find the speed is reliable and stable, i leave both devices on; as this is only way to hold on to a reliable & stable IP.

Once a while, the IP may become problematic, then i reconnect to get another IP and check if it is reliable & stable or not.


As for the router globe that turn orange, it could be the router need some touch.

This happened when using 865L, of which the manual mentioned that is to press the WPS switch, behind; which somehow never occurred again.

Best is to have the manual downloaded as references.


Your decision.



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4 years ago

Thanks for the advice. I'll test again on Starhub speed test links and report the results.


And yes, my router settings were pretty much default when I first tested for wired and wireless. That's why I decided to fiddle with it. I'll try to reset it before testing.


Location of router should not be a problem considering I was sitting 1m away from it.


I was expecting wireless to reach the same speeds as yours, 200-300Mbps. Doesn't make sense that it's only 70Mbps.


Perhaps once I exhausted all my options I'll get a network specialist to look at my house setup? Any to recommend?





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4 years ago

Hi  @lohbocop


Perhap you could let Starhub to check on their end before other options.


Do write to forum staff and include this thread &or what had you done on troublemshooting.

At least to check if the technical dept staff to see if there are alternative & options.


Please submit and provide with the following information;

Registered subscriber name, NRIC/FIN number, and any other details;

PM @Jolene_L  or  Santosh Rai  to assist and look into your case on this matter


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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