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Wed, Sep 28, 2016 9:00 PM

HomeHub 1000

Good day,


I just signed up with HomeHub 1000 last few weeks ago and the installation will be done on coming two weeks later. Due to this is the first time I signed up for HomeHub 1000, I have zero knowledge on this.


Therefore, I wish to know what are the devices/equipments (including the cables) will be prepared and/or given by StarHub during the installation? So that I can prepared upfront the rest those devices/cables etc. needed for me to connect the TV set up box to my TV.


Thanks and best regards




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4 years ago

Hi Augustine87, if you have signed up for our promotional HomeHub 1000 package, device and equipment such as router, ONT and set top box will be provided, as such, no equipment is required at your end unless you choose to install your own router. 


Hope this helps. -Jolene 



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4 years ago

Dear Jolene,


How about those cables to connect those router to ONT and set up box? will those cables also be provided by the installer?


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4 years ago

Hi  @Augustine87


When you take a complete promotion package, it come complete.

Items you may received:


1.  ONT.  This is an fibre modem name Optical Network Terminal. Free Loan from Starhub. If you include digital phone, you need to plug to Tel-1.


2.  Fibre cable.  This is to connect between the TP (Terminal point) to ONT.

2.1.  Caution: This fibre cable "yellow" is an sensitive cable. Do not tie in the same way as other cables do. There should have a big loop (if too long) and not too tight (loose), or not to bend too much, at any point. This may cause connection issue.


3.  Router.  The technician will have to setup this fibre connection, as he is require to test the connection and to show you as your plan. As their laptop is able provide to your plan speed. If you want to compare to your computer, then standby next to the ONT/Router to test and config. If not, let the technician to do it (as i did). Do note that the TP, ONT and Router are next to each other as close as possible. For better wireless signal, ensure router is placed as high as possible.  Also, it is best not to place obstacles near to the devices router. Cordless home phone are also using 2.4GHz signal which may affect your wireless devices signal.

Example: Comcenter roof-top with all the transmitter, so is your router wireless transmitter.


4.  LAN cable between ONT & Router, usual is yellow color, but any LAN cable would work. May supply 1 for Router to Computer, if any.

Note: LAN cable should be at least Cat-5e. Best to have Cat-6 cable, as stated on the cable itself.


5.  TV Set-Top box, remote control & RCA cables & power supply. (HDMI not included). As yours will be IPTV for this promo, the cable between  TV Set-top box and ONT port-2. You cannot use ONT port-2 for internet. Also it cannot be combine together with internet connectors, unless it is managed. If not, the IPTV will shown "No Signal" found.  ONT port-1 is for Internet connection to the router. 

TV Set-top box comes completed as listed, and when return it have to same items.

There are monthly rental for this TV Set-top box by paying the a service $6.42 and you need to purchase an external box, WD brand, for recording purpose; subject to offer.

Check out on this IPTV  -->   IPTV


All installation is done by the Technician /delivery staff.

You may required to be present, which i suggest you do.

Alternately, someone who will able to supervise and ask if not sure.

This is to see how the technician doing the installation and setup.

At any time you want to know, just ask the staff as most are helpful.


Note: If possible, do confirm a day before installation stated, to avoid unecessary delay and confusion.


For more info, if you sign-up HomeHub 1000 --> HomeHub



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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