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Fri, Sep 7, 2018 8:00 AM

Did not receive bill rebate

Dear Sir,


I have redemped $10 Bill Rebate on 25th Jul 2018 and received the "Redemption Is Successful" email. It says that the amount will be credited to my billing account(s) with effect from next billing cycle.


I did a re-contract of my home broadband on 1st Aug (the previous contract ends on 20th Aug). As said by the starhub staff, the monthly bill will be revised from S$49.9 to S$39.9 staring from 1st Aug, and the bill I received on 5th Aug and 5th Sep are all S$39.9.


May I know when will I receive the S$10 bill rebate I redemped on 25th Jul? Or the bill on 5th Aug is already considered as after deduction?


Thanks and Regards,




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3 y ago

Hi Fei Fei, let me check on this. Please let me know your full name, NRIC, contact number and email address via PM (https://community.starhub.com/t5/notes/privatenotespage/tab/compose/note-to-user-id/242), we'll follow up. Thank you -Jolene 

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