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Tue, Sep 18, 2018 9:00 AM

Feedback on Starhub Home Page

Not too sure if anyone has the same sentiments as me. Whenver I visit Starhub home page (, I find the video clip "trying" to illustrate "Singapore's fastest unlimited network" is very irrirating and gives me a terrible headache.


I am not too sure what the clip is trying to show and makes the whole website very confusing. When I try to login using the top right corner, I always end up "clicking" on the link to "Fastest Unlimited Network" which makes logging in to my account to view statement and make payment extremely difficult.


I think a neat and clean home page will be much better than one clustered with video clips which I have no idea what it is trying to protray. I get the feeling that I am not the kind of cliente (working executive) that StarHub is targeting.


Just my personal 2-cent worth of feedback.



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2 years ago

Looks like there is no more animation or video clip in action.

Instead it include a box to click "Watch now" for the video to appear.


Maybe there are do have many complains already.

Or their own people also would be sick of such video clip. 





i am not starhub staff.




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2 years ago

Hi hclee01


Thank you for sharing your suggestions. I'll share this with the website team.


- Amy

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