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Thu, Oct 14, 2021 7:30 AM

Should you recontract your StarHub TV service?

Should you recontract your StarHub TV service?

Is your StarHub TV service up for recontract? However, you are undecided whether to recontract or stay with your current plan. Well, let’s help you determine based on your entertainment consumption preferences to find out which would be the best TV plan for you.

Choose TV+ if you:

Enjoy shows on streaming apps

With the StarHub TV+, you can switch between LIVE channels, Video on Demand and streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar e.g., shows from Star Vijay, Star Plus, & Star Bharat and more on a single interface. Plus, watch on any device via the StarHub TV+ app or watch on the big screen with the StarHub TV+ Box.

Do not require Mediacorp free-to-air channels

However, you can still enjoy Mediacorp free-to-air channels on StarHub TV+ if you are a StarHub Broadband customer with a compatible router.

Do not require a recording functionality

TV+ now offers a Time-Shift TV function for you to start over or rewind the shows you've missed within the last 24 hours for selected channels at no additional cost. This means the Smart TV Value-Added Service (VAS) for recording will not be available for StarHub TV+.

Choose IPTV if you:

Enjoy shows on LIVE TV

If you enjoy shows on LIVE TV, but do not watch STAR Indian channels, e.g., Star Vijay, Star Plus and Star Bharat. This is because the mentioned channels are no longer available on the IPTV. However, they are available via Hotstar, which comes when you subscribe to Indian+ Pass.

Watch Mediacorp free-to-air channels

No hassle since you can watch Mediacorp free-to-air channels without a StarHub Broadband subscription. Meanwhile, with the TV+, you need a compatible router with a StarHub Broadband connection.

Require a recording function

Do you like to record your favourite programmes? Well, you still can with your Fibre TV set-top box if you’re subscribed to the Smart TV Value-Added Service. So, you can record all your favourite programmes and watch them whenever you want.

There you go!

What are you waiting for? Recontract now via our Online Store!

Still undecided? Let's compare the StarHub TV+ Box vs Fibre TV Set-Top Box.

~ Carla



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